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Project Description

Crusaders University is the place for anybody who wants to pursue meaningful careers with competitive compensation packages, vocational and academic advancement opportunities and access to diverse life-enriching resources and experiences. The university offers a diverse, challenging and rewarding online environment with a mission-focused perspective. Crusaders is shaping the next generation of leaders and innovators, business men and entrepreneurs and seek partners dedicated to this goal.

Enroll in any of our ready-to-go CUSTOMIZED-for-you online classes and become an expert in a few months.

Customize your education the way you like it!

Crusaders Online University offers you:

  •  Free one-on-one tutoring sessions available 24/7
  • Instant replays of previous sessions
  • Qualified professors and tutors tailored just for any course you enroll in
  • Study with your favorite tutors and have access to their schedule of availability
  • Access services from your mobile phone with the To Go app
  • Customized learning pace as-you-go
  • Webinars and free resource guides tailored with your course in mind
  • Cheap and affordable online course you’ll ever enroll
  • Flexible payment plan

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