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Crusaders Global Fellowship is Launched

Crusaders Global Fellowship is an outreach ministry of Crusaders Ministries Networkthat equip believers to fulfill the commission of Christ by empowering them with the tools and knowledge to start  house fellowships, web forums or tele conferences  that will impact their communities or domain of influence for Christ These is a forum that will discuss life issues, pertinent social problems and financial challenges with the teaching of the gospel. This fellowship will be a beacon of Christ, lighting communities with the gospel truth.

Our Ministry Overview

Crusaders is a Christ Centered, Spirit led, Discipleship oriented, and Purpose Driven ministry  A CRUSADER is soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ, a radical revivalist whose presence diffuses the sweet aroma of the presence of God. Crusaders is an Army of fervent Worshipers and enthusiastic Evangelists whose lives are dedicated to make Christ known in every domain.

  • Discipleship Training
  • Raising Leaders
  • Entrepreneurship
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Our Passion for  spiritual Excellence, Discipleship, Leadership training and Financial empowerment  sets the tone for our Resources and Programs.  Join us as you obtain Spiritual keys  that will help unlock a higher dimension in your service to the Lord.


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