Make It Last Forever


A subsidiary of Crusaders Ministries Int, MAKE IT LAST FOREVER (MILF) is a marital forum that discusses relationship issues to awaken believers to the joy of the biblical model of marriage by teaching, encouraging, counseling and interceding for marriage couples. Please join us as we take a stand on our biblical beliefs and restore the [...]

Transcend Success Network


Transcend is a Spirit driven and solution based program which encompasses spiritual principles and proven success strategies to help you build great lifelong habits which will lead you to long term sustained success. Transcend will help you to: Achieve Your Goals Equip You for Your Mandate Unleash Your Personal Greatness Live Your Dream Life

Spiritpreneur Network


Spiritpreneur is a network of Holy Spirit-minded Christian entrepreneurs that are enriched by biblical principles to pursue their divine mandate, implementing revelatory truths to access the wealth of the world whiles empowering the Church with Biblical economics, effective money management, investment strategies, marketing and publicity principles, tools of global advertisement, developing Leverage for business transaction, becoming [...]

Pastors & Their Wives Issues


Are you overwhelmed by the burden of ministry and yet have no relief in sight? Do you feel emotional drained by the incessant barrage of the needs of the congregation yet have no spiritual resources to edify you? Do you need someone who understands your dilemma but compassionate enough not to judge you, One who [...]

Divine Worship Network


Divine Worship Network is a Network for Worshipers, singers, minstrels, vocal artists. Divine creates the global platform to parade musical talents and offers the tools for effective evangelism through music. We disciple worshipers with revelatory truths, help to sharpen their spiritual gifts, and refine their character for moral excellence. It is a social forum for [...]

Oracle Mobile TV


Oracle Television Network is a Christian based syndicated internet television that is streamed on the internet and all mobile devices, distributing contents with Christian Niche targeted keywords to more than over fifty internet website channels The network offers variety of programs including: Anointed Sermons Empowering programs Life Transforming Events Entrepreneurial Solutions  

Crusaders Global Fellowship


Crusaders Global Fellowship is an outreach ministry of Crusaders Ministries Network that equip believers to fulfill the commission of Christ by empowering them with the tools and knowledge to start house fellowships, web forums or tele -conferences that will impact their communities or domain of influence for Christ. We will : Help train you for [...]

Nu Image Media


Nu Image Media is a full service visual identity development firm that provides clients with superior design and well conceived strategies for effective global impart. Nu-Image is more than a design firm because we integrate unique creative talent with state-of-the-art technology. Our aim is to create designs that will effectively communicate your marketing message to [...]