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Project Description

Are you overwhelmed by the burden of ministry and yet have no relief in sight? Do you feel emotional drained by the incessant barrage of the needs of the congregation yet have no spiritual resources to edify you? Do you need someone who understands your dilemma but compassionate enough not to judge you, One who understands the complexities of ministry and the sensitivity of the office, One you can securely confide in without any repercussions? We are extending an official invitation to every Pastor and their wives to a special talkshow forum

Join us on our new Talkshow as we discuss pertinent issus and challenges that Pastors and their wives faces. This is a straight talk, no hands barred, transparent discussions that will attempt to address issues that plagues ministers of the gospel that many will not dare touch. We will be interviewing many experts in different fields of specialty to offer solutions to many debilitating issues.

Some of the topics we will be dealing with are:
-LUST & Many more!
You have ministered to many, it is time to also receive ministry. Sign up now to receive updates and sms alerts about upcoming shows. We will be honored if you can send topics or questions that you would like us to deal with. Every question will be dealt with utmost confidentiality.

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