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Crusaders Network is a band of dedicated Christians commissioned as an integral part of God’s end time army. Crusaders is a Christ Centered, Spirit led, Discipleship oriented, and Purpose Driven ministry A CRUSADER is soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ, a radical revivalist whose presence diffuses the sweet aroma of the presence of God. Crusaders is an Army of fervent Worshipers and enthusiastic Evangelists whose lives are dedicated to make Christ known in every domain.
The ethics of Christianity of this era has been distorted and compromised through denominational doctrines and religious prejudices resulting in believers reflecting an erroneous image of Christ. Our distorted image of the Lord has veiled the glory of the gospel thereby causing many believers to be impoverished and impotent. We are therefore on a crusade to reveal the living Christ to the world so that people can fellowship with Him and be transformed into His image which will help thrust them forth into an experience of His restorative and healing power.

Crusaders is not just a Church, but a network of dedicated Christians, a Spiritual hub that provides the divine impartation and serves as a forum for spiritual interchange.
A Crusader is a soldier in the army of Christ, a disciple,  zealous evangelist of the gospel of Christ, passionate worshiper, ambassador of the faith and a kingdom entrepreneur.

We focus on biblical discipleship, vocational training, dynamic outreach ministries, mentorship and ministrial training, effective stewardship of time, money and talents and commissioning into divine mandates. Through Prophetic teachings, Seminars, Crusades, Newsletters, Magazines, Partnership letters and with the help of the Holy Spirit we are aspiring to equip every believer to become a true Christian and a revivalist so they can be a channel of revival to their household and community.

To be a Crusader, you need to be

You must know Jesus as your Lord and Personal Savior and already have a relationship with Him.
You must be planted a bible believing Church that is equipping their members to grow in their Christian faith.
Submitted to Pastorial covering and accountable for discipleship
Willing to serve with your talents and gifts in the local ministry and wherever God has placed you.

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This is the bedrock of this ministry. Every member is engaged in spiritual discipline structured by the principles of God’s word. Our daily commitment to this disciplines keeps us in spiritual shape to handle our divine endeavor.

Ministerial Training

Our training regiment is a spiritual boot camp that transform believers into effective workers through rigorous spiritual discipline, innovative spiritual concepts, and dynamic warfare strategies.

Financial Empowerment

Our mandate is to equip believers with the Divine keys to unlock the treasures that has been invested in them through their new birth. We offer the necessary training to guide the way into such great wealth.

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Join Crusaders Sundays Divine Revival Teleconference

Experience a divine Encounter in the comfort of your home and be Empowered for Change
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