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Crusaders Global Membership:

Crusaders Global network is Crusaders web Church that utilizes internet technology to offer believers resources for the spiritual edification and financial enrichment. We utilize social marketing tools to create a global community of believers that interacts on the web for an enhanced spiritual fellowship.
This is not a substitute to your local ministry but an opportunity to receive the tools to supplement your faith for a global impact. The global Network helps for global mobilization for evangelistic activities and intercessory intervention when needed.

Empowering Resources to Unleash your Potential for Success

In our determination to fulfill the divine commission, we encourage every believer to evangelize, enroll or enlist 12 people to also disciple. Every member is obligated to enlist 12 members under him or her. we will be sending resources in your name for their enrichment. You will also have to check on them.

  • Weekly E- Newsletter

  • Sunday Audio teaching

  • Have your own login and password to crusaders members website.

  • Learn the Believers Blueprint to wealth Creation

  • Monthly Teleconference
  • E-Pastor who checks on you

  • Prayer Covering

  • Facebook Live Private Group Sessions

  • Consolidated  Resources from other Men of God.

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Empowering Resources to Unleash your Potential for Success!

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