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General Overseer of Crusaders, President of Crusaders consortium, an author, a Mentor, Life Coach and inspiring conference speaker. His insights in the word of God, uncompromising stance on righteousness, and unquenchable passion for the Lord, sets the tone for his messages

Steps to make your Dream a Reality: the Unique way to Translate your Desires to Tangible Manifestation CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

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Cash the Blank Cheque for your Guaranteed Success

How will you feel if you are given an open cheque guaranteed for unlimited funds? How ecstatic will you be if you can cash it in right now to change your life for the better? An open cheque is a cheque which has been signed, but does not have the amount of money written [...]

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“Why, God, Why?”

Facing the painful questions that life keeps asking. My mother's pale, gaunt face was transformed into wreathes of joy when I walked through the door of her hospital room. Although her eyes seemed sunken, they sparkled with the zest for life that is her own special trademark. With IVs dangling from her arms, she lifted [...]

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